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Room to Grow!

After knocking out a very long brick wall in the lowest level yesterday, the crew found an interesting area behind it that seemed to be a meeting place of sorts. It's surprisingly large, and I'm wondering if there's a way to incorporate it into the hotel's overall plans.

At first I thought that it may have been employed by the secret club who are rumored to have used the hotel as a private resort in the 30's, because the room is so....well....secret! But there's two problems with that logic. The first is a document we found down there dating from 1881, and the second is a clipping from a paper out of Virginia City dated 1880.

That's a little removed from the 1930's. And if they were using the entire hotel as a private resort, why the need for a super secret room? They had all the privacy they needed.

Maybe it was the Masons (if they did indeed occupy the hotel at one time). But if they had indeed purchased the hotel after losing their lodge to fire, again - why the need for a secret meeting place? They could have used any of the perfectly suitable rooms upstairs.

Regardless of who built the room, I now have to wonder what to use it for, as it seems a shame not to.


The document was in Latin, I didn't understand it - big surprise. The clipping was a small article on a young girl who disappeared from Virginia City, I assume. I've given them to the museum, but have attached copies if you'd like to have a look.

Old newspaper clipping below

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