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Good Morning, and so it is!

It's amazing what a full night's rest will do for the spirit! Both myself and the hotel slept soundly last night, thanks in part to the newly installed soundproofing.

After hearing many different sounds here - both perceived and real - I had some concerns that somehow these old mine shafts were acting as magnifiers or personifiers of distant noise pollution. And although I do try to keep the historical, ghostly aspect of the hotel in good working order - believe it or not, there are many guests who want to come here for just such an adventure - I surely didn't want these noises actually disturbing them once we had opened for business.

I had been experiencing headaches and my short term memory was also suffering a bit, which I think had a lot to do with the constant, almost inaudible hum around this place. Hard to get a good sleep while trying to think up lyrics to go along with that nightly drone tone.

And so I called an expert in noise reduction, hoping to find a way to decrease what we seemed to be hearing around here. After looking at some old schematics of the town, he found that there is actually one tunnel running from here towards Carson Valley that is at least 4-5 miles long! He also noted that the shafts below the hotel, and their connections to other tunnels, shafts and chambers - both natural and not - were in a near perfect position for the resonation of any and all sounds trapped within any one of them.

Obviously we can't do much about the location of the hotel or the mines themselves, but prospective guests will be pleased to know - we installed state-of-the-art soundproofing!

Ahhhh...silence is indeed GOLDEN!!!

Your Hostess,

-Tara Hutchins


tara Several years ago, Tara Hutchins traveled to Gold Hill, Nevada, to visit the area where her ancestors lived. Although she had never been there before, she knew the family story and wanted to see what she could learn of her real heritage. She didn't discover anything of consequence, but fell in love with the area and in particular the Gold Mine Hotel. She had always dreamed of owning a guest house, so when the opportunity presented itself, she combined all available resources and bought the Gold Mine Hotel. Ms. Hutchins sought to refurbish the old hotel into a fully functioning modern resort, while staying true to the rich history of gold mining in the area. She has accomplished this goal and the Gold Mine Hotel now stands in a splendid state, worthy of its Wild West origins.

The Gold Mine Hotel is scheduled to open in January 2005.

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