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An 1891 map of the area surrounding the Gold Mine Hotel.

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The Gold Mine Hotel
The Gold Mine Hotel
There's a sad past lingering within the hallways of this hotel, seeping through the layers of wallpaper and paint, a past that remains as much a part of the Gold Mine Hotel as the gold mines are a part of the town itself.
The original name of this establishment was the Steward Inn, and was owned by a young man by the name of Alexander Steward, who fell in love with and married a young Irish girl named Fiona. Alexander Steward became a very wealthy man in the early 1860s, when some of his claims hit large deposits of gold. This allowed Mr. Steward the wherewithal to construct additional wings on the hotel, and renovate its interior in grand style.

Alexander's had his finger in the proverbial "pot of gold", business at the hotel flourished, as did his marriage. Alexander and Fiona Steward lived quite happily in a wing of the hotel while they built their estate on the outskirts of town, an estate that shadowed any in Nevada and beyond! Furnished with the most lavish antiques from all over the world, Alexander and Fiona found themselves at home and quite comfortable in their mansion with their two boys, living the life of Reilly!

Alexander and Fiona Steward had four more children after moving to their new home, all boys, and Alexander was said to be fiercely proud of his six sons. The Stewards were greatly successful in both finance and family, until their seventh child - Fiona's longed for little girl - died of sudden, undetermined causes. Although it wouldn't be much solace to poor Fiona, this would probably be a case of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in today's terminology.


Fiona Steward, griefstricken, began devoting more and more of her time to the saloon, losing herself in her work. Alexander and the boys were at a loss without her, and when she accidently fell to her death down a shaft in the lower levels of the hotel, they were bereft. Alexander renamed the Steward Inn "The Gold Mine Hotel" immediately following the tragic loss of his wife as a way to mark the solemn occasion and the manner in which she perished. Although some say he was emotionally sterile from that day forward, most people believe he simply endeavored to remain strong for the sake of his children.

Fiona's unfortunate death, and the renaming of the Steward Inn, took place on September 25, 1873. So we are commemorating the 131st Anniversary of the naming of the Gold Mine Hotel!

As we're not open just yet, festivities will be at a minimum this year - although a new brochure will be available online - but just wait until next year!

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